Sunday, January 22, 2012

Going on week 4!!!!

Soooo excited! I am loving running! Seriously, when I start my days with a run I am so on my game for the entire day! Then so exhausted @ night;). But it makes me feel better & makes me feel better about myself. Have started drinking some major water... I think that makes me feel better too.. Who knew! I have been drinking strictly coffee & diet dr p for ages... Cuz water is borinb, but during our first week on C25k I was starving- constantly. At first I figured it was because I ran,, but honestly, first week of c25k,, u don't really run that much-- so I googled... And it everyone kept saying if you as hungry all the time you are prob dehydrated! How could so many Internet people know this, and me not have a clue!! Anyway,, I've been drinking water like crazy.. And I am NOT hungry! It's great!

Anyway,, I am off to bed! Early run in the am! Love it!

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