Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh heck yeah!

Yesterday we ran the longest yet, 4 minutes, then 6, then 4 again... Without even knowing it... Today I looked at the run schedule ahead of time.. So we knew it was coming... You know what,,, we LOVE it!! I know real runner people will be all.. You ran 14 minutes.... But you know what... wE RAN 14 MINUTES!!!! And walked the rest of the way!! And covered Two miles!!!! TWO!!! And you know how much I could run a month ago????? NOT 14 MINUTES!!!! Not even close!!

So yeah,,, a little happy:)

Oh.. And after adding a million gallons of water a day to my diet,,, I've lost 2 pounds... Not. Even. Kidding.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Going on week 4!!!!

Soooo excited! I am loving running! Seriously, when I start my days with a run I am so on my game for the entire day! Then so exhausted @ night;). But it makes me feel better & makes me feel better about myself. Have started drinking some major water... I think that makes me feel better too.. Who knew! I have been drinking strictly coffee & diet dr p for ages... Cuz water is borinb, but during our first week on C25k I was starving- constantly. At first I figured it was because I ran,, but honestly, first week of c25k,, u don't really run that much-- so I googled... And it everyone kept saying if you as hungry all the time you are prob dehydrated! How could so many Internet people know this, and me not have a clue!! Anyway,, I've been drinking water like crazy.. And I am NOT hungry! It's great!

Anyway,, I am off to bed! Early run in the am! Love it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Six more,,

We have officially run 6 more times!!! This is huge- for our lazy butts! We are in week 3 of couch to 5k. The running is getting easier,, but let me tell you.. We took a 4 day break for the long weekend,,, and boy were we stiff.. Ankles and shins, OH MY!

I am guessing real runners don't go 4 days without any running or stretching,,,,I wonder WWRRD- what would real runners do over a long weekend... I am guessing, they would run.

Not quite sure what we are getting ourselves into here.. With the running and all.

Believe it or not(believe it, totally true) I ran a half marathon years ago(very poorly..). Because once my friend(a diff friend, who moved away to avoid being talked into any more marathons) and I hit the 7 mile run in our training program( and ROCKED it!!!). We thought the local USA fit program was then beneath us,, because, you know... We were RUNNERS!!! So we left the trAining runs to those trying to qualify for Boston,, and those trying to not disgrace themselves in the local marathon. Then, we registered for, and showed up for, the half marathon... And wondered what went wrong,, still don't know-- we ROCKED that thing.

I distinctly remember my friends excitement over the discovery of some snickers marathon bar... It seems like perhaps that could be a clue. Our focus may have been more on the snickers part of the name,, than the "marathon". We should have made shirts that said.. We love snickers,, but really, it was obvious.

Some day I will get smart and add pictures to my post--- but right now I'm BUSY.... Being a RUNNER!

Wohooooo-- WEEK 3 baby!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Today I ran

Not far, not well....but I did it...WE did it,,,my bestest girlfriend and I got our booties out of bed and ran couch to 5k @ 5;15 am....we didn't have to find babysitters,,,for our families were still in bed,,and we started the day off right!! We are both pumped! How many more days until this becomes a habit? More importantly,,,,how many days until we can see the results in our booties?

I'm a huge fan of instant gratification....unfortunately,,,my almost 40 year old metabolism,,is not.

Go us!!