Sunday, February 12, 2012

So we have still been running, we have run more that the allotted 3 days per week,we run every
day we can so we are officially in the middle of week 7! It's amazing, we have run for 20 minutes straight several times now.. I know it's nothing to real runners, -- I take that back, we are all real runners! If we get out and run at all, it's running! Who said it has to be a marathon!! Ok, while 20 minutes straight may not be long for long time, or long distance runners.. It's a major big and awesome deal for a couple of moms who started running a month ago!!!

Bought some new shoes yesterday, went and got fitted and all... Had to run on a little track in the store .. Thought it wold be embarrassing but it totally wasn't... I was among my people.. Runner people;).

I really feel great, and while I have a long way to go, I see changes in my body, how I feel physically & mentally ,,and I really am loving it!

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